Male Humiliation

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TYRANNIZED – Gina Killmer is having so much fun with her new man slave Achilos. She loves nothing more than dominating and humiliating a man by making him perform the most heinous acts. He might start out in men’s clothes, but at the beginning of the session, Gina will have made him change into a maid’s costume – complete with underclothes and a wig of black hair! But Achilos is not going to be merely her maid – he will become her maid slave. And when he does not clean fast enough, then Gina will punish him by putting a leash on him and taking him on a walk outside through the cold wet snow. You can almost feel the burning coldness of that snow as you watch Achilos dutifully stomp on all fours like the nasty slut he is.

Male Punishment by Two Dominant Bitches

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TYRANNIZED – Alexa Bold and Gioia Biel own a luxurious bar in Prague. They have recently recruited Steve Q, a young up and coming manager, to run the place for them, because the ladies have far more important business ventures to look after. Today is Steve’s first day on the job. The ladies are getting frustrated, because he is taking way too long to learn how the place operates. Eventually, they figure out that they are going to have to teach him the hard way. That’s the way Steve wants it anyway. This little male slut wants nothing more than to be told what to do by an attractive woman. And with Alexa and Gioia, Steve has met the tag team of a life time. The two slutty dominant bitches totally take advantage of him in the most ruthless way possible – and he loves every second of it.

Public Humiliation by Pro Female Dominatrix!

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TYRANNIZED – Drex and Gina Killmer are the last two in the restaurant. Waitress Victoria Rose approaches to inform them – politely but firmly – that they are closing for the night. They appear like an ordinary couple, Drex and Gina. It turns out, however, that they are anything but ordinary, and that they have a most unusual proposal for the waitress. The shopping bags at Gina’s feet from women’s designers actually contain clothing that is intended for Drex. You see, Drex likes nothing more than to be humiliated by his wife in public. And tonight, he wants to be humiliated by not just one, but two attractive females. Thankfully, Victoria has a kinky side, and she is more than willing to assist in dressing this poor bloke up in his wife’s clothing, humiliating, and ultimately dominating him. They put him through all sorts of hell – not just whipping him, but tying him up and piercing his nipples as well!

Dude Gets Humiliated by Bitchy Femdom!

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TYRANNIZED – When he visits his dominatrix mistress, Gina Killmer, Drex likes to dress up in her clothing. He likes it when she dresses him in the filthiest, sluttiest outfits in her wardrobe. He likes feeling like a bad girl – and he likes it even more when Gina punishes him for his transgressions. Today, the two “ladies” try on different outfits until they find the right ones. With Drex decked out in a pretty yellow dress, Gina “discovers” the fact that her “little girl” is actually a boy. Once she makes this discovery, she decides to punish him with a little bit of old fashioned cock and ball torture. He is going to wind up bound and gagged, with clamps on his nipples, in unbearable pain – just the way he likes it. And Gina, the satisfied dominatrix, will shut the door and leave him like that for a few hours.

Dominated by Two Strong Sexy Females

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TYRANNIZED – Celine Noiret orders her man to drive to the bus station. She has ordered him a little surprise – a dominatrix slut. He loves being dominated by a powerful woman. But it has always been his fantasy to be dominated by two strong women at a time. On this foggy day, his wish will come true. Virus Vellons, the cute blonde girl he picks up at the station, hardly looks like the dominant type. In fact, she looks like a sweet little blonde schoolgirl. Behind that lovely façade, however, lurks a mean bitch. And Celine tells her that she is to go as rough on her husband as she possibly can. He submits to them wholly. Celine and Virus have great fun teasing him with a bullwhip and a cat o’ nine tails. Celine teasingly laps at Virus’s pussy like a cat – but of course won’t let her husband have any. Then they get the dildos out; now it’s time for the fun to really begin!

Gina Killmer is a Nasty Femdom

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TYRANNIZED – Wein Lewis and Viki have gone to Gina Killmer for couples therapy. The pair has been together for a long time, but, as so often happens, their sex life is just not the same as it once was. Both have their reasons why the other one does not satisfy them the way they used to. Soon, it breaks out into a major argument. Gina Killmer, the therapist, doesn’t have time for this BS. She knows right away how to fix their broken relationship, but they must obey her strict commands. First, she orders Viki to go try on a seductive bondage outfit. Since she now has a moment alone with Wein, she roughs him up a bit, choking his neck and poking his cock. But this cruel dominant female has a lot more in store for this helpless couple. Tune in to Tyrannized now to see how they resolve their problematic relationship!

Boss Gets Punished by Femdom Secretary

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TYRANNIZED – Franky is the owner of a small accounting firm. One day he walks into the office of his personal secretary, Sarah Star, with a very strange request. It is no secret around the office that Franky recently lost a major account, a fact that has caused his employees endless stress, as the future of the company is now uncertain. But today, Franky wants to pay for his boo boo. And he wants to feel pain… Lots of it. So he begs his secretary to punish him. While she is reluctant at first, Sarah then begins to think back on all the things her boss did in the past that annoyed her so…. At which point she picks up the whip. The boss is going to be punished in ways he never even dreamed of – including taking it up the ass with a big black dildo that Sarah straps on beneath her skirt. The punishment is its own reward!

Nasty Femdom Plays with Female Slave

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TYRANNIZED - Gina Killmer has a ravenous sexual appetite – and everyone knows it. Especially her boyfriend. Today, he’s been sent out to bait some bitch to liven up their sex life. When he spots Velvet pedaling her wears on the side of the highway, he knows he’s found the woman for him and Gina. He decides to kidnap her – even though Velvet doesn’t seem to particularly mind one bit! When they get back to the house, the boyfriend holds Velvet’s arms behind her back while Gina inspects her. She then forces her new lady friend down to her knees and thrusts her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth. This crazy female dominatrix then forces Velvet on her hands and knees and invites her boyfriend to fuck their new friend like a dog! Velvet will be forced to submit to all of Gina Killmer’s filthy ideas. That’s just how it works when you’re a submissive slut playing this nasty bitch’s games!

Lesbian S/M Pussy Play

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TYRANNIZED – This lesbian couple is certainly into some kinky stuff, sex-wise, and in this episode, we get to look in on one of their more risqué sessions. The dominant partner, in orange, approaches her silk-clad lover in the kitchen, where she is eating a banana. She grabs bits of banana out of her hand, throws it on the floor, and forces the poor submissive to squat down and clean it up. Feeling frisky, the fem dom reaches her hands in her girlfriend’s blouse, then gets down on her knees and explores her pussy lips through the panty hose she is wearing. She orders her to expose her cunt, at which point she tapes up her mouth (so she can’t hear the screams of pain that are about to emerge from it) and applies clamps to her labia. Bitch gets a spanking – hard – and then gets an extra large dildo shoved up her cunt repeatedly – but she’s not allowed to cum, of course!

Femdom Piano Teacher Disciplines Student

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TYRANNIZED – Carlos is over at the house of his piano teacher, Janet. Janet soon discovers that Carlos hasn’t been practicing at all. When students misbehave, then teacher has no choice – she has to exact some discipline. She slams the piano shut and orders Carlos to his knees. Carlos is scared. He doesn’t know what Janet is going to do. Her form of punishment is very sweet… She first orders him to worship her feet, which are clothed in panty hose. Then Carlos is forced to take his cock out. She ties some rope around his cock and balls, torturing him that way by tightening it gradually, until Carlos is screeching in pain. Janet ties a strap-on dildo around Carlos’s face, then lifts up her skirt so that he can penetrate her wet vagina. All the while, she has her grip on the rope, which she tightens at will, sending shivers of panic down Carlos’s body as his cock hardens. Then she gets a large dildo out and begins greasing up her bad student’s asshole…

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