Sexy Mean Dominatrix Cunts Terrorize Man Slaves with Clothing Pins

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TYRANNIZED – Alexa Bold and Gina Killmer are two sexy dominatrixes with a pronounced mean streak. Their two man slaves are forced to bear the brunt of their sadism. With their bull whips, they force the guys down on their hands and knees and make them crawl around like the filthy pigs they are. They don’t crawl fast enough, so they get lashed real hard. The slaves are then tortured by having clothing pins applied to their nipples and balls. It is not long before they start crying for mercy, but Alexa and Gina are unrelenting bitches who don’t care anything about their slaves’ feelings – they only want to give them more pain.

Executive Dude Pays Dominatrix to Burn His Balls with a Cigarette

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TYRANNIZED - Thomas is a middle-aged banker who loves to be dominated by a beautiful woman. He meets his match in the form of Deane. This elegant dominatrix starts off gentle, by giving Thomas a nice deep-throat blowjob. Things quickly turn ugly, however, as Deane pulls out her bullwhip and orders Thomas to strip. He is told to get down on his knees; he does what his mistress orders. The kinky femdom next orders her manslave to eat her pussy while she smokes a cigarette. And what does she do next with that cigarette? Just what Thomas wants – she burns his scrotum. That’s only a small taste of what Deane has cooked up for her submissive – whipping, foot worship, and bondage are all on the menu in the latest Tyrannized session!

Mistress Spanks Worker Girl For Playing with Her Pussy on the Job!

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TYRANNIZED – There’s hell to pay after Mistress Gina Killmer catches Deane playing with herself using a big pearl vibrator. To pay for her naughty self-pleasuring ways, Mistress Gina grabs the lusty young wench, takes her across her knees, pulls up her skirt, yanks down her panties and spanks her creamy white ass til it’s bright red. But the punishment doesn’t stop there. Gina orders the naughty lass to stay bent down while she whacks Deane’s rear end mercilessly. And Gina is still just getting warmed up! Don’t miss all the devilishly delicious femdom punishment! Come inside now for all the girl-on-girl femdom action!

Bitch Boy Gets Fucked and Denied Ejaculation!

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Today’s tyrannized tickles the fancy of those with a smoking fetish, or guys who love big tits, as Alexa bold teaches her man a lesson in manners. She makes him strip down as she watches  then forces him to play with his dick til he’s hard. She then sucks his dick, but only for a little while, then makes him lick her shoe and eat her pussy, as she pulls out her huge titties and plays with them. Then she rides his cock for a while, but as soon as she cums, she gets off him and tells him to get the fuck out, completely denying him his ejaculation.  That’s the kind of hardcore femdom shit we go for at!

Naughty Student Punished By Sexy Professor in Hot FemDom Scene!

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Dionne Darling is decidedly UNlucky today when she arrives late for her Tyrannized geography lesson with Professor Lucky. First she gets off easy with a simple rap across the hands, but when Lucky finds out Dionne didn’t do her homework, she’s in for a lot more than just a “slap on the wrists”. Lucky forces Dionne to show her her panties and when Dionne hesitates, things get worse, as Lucky grabs her huge measuring stick and works over Dionne’s lithe tight body in every conceivable way. It’s a cinematic masterpiece, highlighting the pleasure of pain, and a hot-as-fuck FemDom scene you won’t soon forget from the best in the bdsm game,!

Mistress Gets Face Fucked By Slave with Strap-On Face Dildo!

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Mistress Lucky has prisoner Leon strapped to her workout bench, where she’s completely free to have her way with the naked, vulnerable guy. Today at it’s Leon who’s the lucky one, as his captress decides to give him a treat, rubbing her red-panty-covered crotch all over his face and mouth. She plays with him on the bench for a while, then releases his from his bondage so she can strap a face dildo on him and make him please his queen and do whatever else she says. This in one hot BDSM femdom scene not to be missed so get the fuck to Tyrannized now!

Bitchy Boss Forces Maid to Get Dirty in FemDom Frenzy!

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tyrannized femdomtyrannized femdom

Mistress Gina Killmer works hard at the office of the world’s largest toy car manufacturer and demands a spic and span office. In today’s scene she inspects new hiree Dionne Darling’s work, and finds a spot on her desk, throwing her into a full-on femdom frenzy, forcing the newbie to lick her red patent leather heels. Then forcing her to kneel on the desk and she rubs her tits through the shiny satin fabric of her blouse, which she then tears open to reveal Dionne’s pert, tight titties. But it’s not all fun and games at as Dionne and her pussy get run through the ringer before everyone’s completely satisfied.

Sadistic Mistress Tortures and Teases Leather Masked Gimp!

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tyrannized femdomtyrannized femdom

Mistress-Extraordinaire Gina Kilmer likes her service with a smile, and when she doesn’t get it, she gets pissed, but since Drex is wearing his gimp hood in today’s scene, she can’t tell if he’s smiling or not, so she punishes him anyway. The leather becollared slaveboy is forced to lay across her lap as she verbally humiliates him and smacks his ass til it’s red and raw, then runs her sharp fingernails down his back and over his ass. Soon, the sex slave is tied to a chair forced to endure various tests of loyalty and endurance. Will he be crying for mercy or begging for more? Find out in this red-hot motherfucking BDSM femdom scene!

Hot Blond Mistress Makes Girl Her Own Personal BDSM Sex Slave!

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tyrannized lesbiantyrannized lesbian

Black latex mistress du jour, Virus Vellons, summons her submissive servant Roxyn to help fill her aching pussy in today’s totally hot Tyrannized update. She starts off by getting her body licked, her tits unzipped and her boot heel licked, then straps a face dildo on Roxyn and makes her fuck her pussy with her own face before she bends her slave over and spanks her ripe round ass with a feather paddle. But Mistress Virus is a tough but fair master, and reciprocated some of the pussy loving back to Roxyn, both babes getting of totally hard at the hot latex-covered lesbian BDSM femdom action that is going on.

Two Horny Students Get Punished and Humiliated For Their Busy Hands!

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tyrannized femdomtyrannized femdom mistress Gina Killmer is now HEADmistress Gina Killmer, now that she’s taken over the Eromaxx School for Losers. She interrupts two nerds during their geography study session and invites them to check out the topography under her skirt. When Nicholas decides to touch, not just look, he ends up with a smack in the face. Soon both boys are being punished for their busy hands, as Gina forces them to jack off for her, in front of each other, while she spits on their cocks. Then she completely humiliates them by making them suck on the huge dildo she’s got between her legs, all the while calling them ‘faggots’ in Czech, and lots of other nasty things. Then it’s onto the spankings and bondage, and lots worse… Don’t miss it, as these guys get totally humiliated in the worst way possible by the hellish Headmistress, only on the number one BDSM and FemDom site on the net!

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